The Economy and Impacts on Housing, Labor, and the Moving Industry

Inflation. Mortgage Rates. Inventories. We have been impacted by rising costs and these economic variables over the past year – but what does that mean for the household goods moving industry and how can we use this information and future forecasts to make smart business decisions for growing and thriving companies? Economic experts will discuss the current state of the economy, focusing on residential housing current data and forecasts, labor economics, and other key economic indicators that will affect moving in the coming year.  

FMCSA Update: Household Goods & Motor Carrier Safety

While FMCSA regulates our industry for safety and consumer protection, they also work with the industry in a myriad of ways. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a high-level FMCSA leader about what regulations FMCSA is looking at from both consumer and safety perspectives and how they are helping fight moving fraud. This is the time to interface with FMCSA leadership, ask questions and engage on shared priorities!


MSC Fleet Safety Award

Service Contract Act Q&A from Movers

Dive into the Service Contract Act (SCA), where military movers are navigating new terrain—complying with the prevailing wage and administrative requirements for the first time. Join us for an in-depth exploration of this intricate law, filled with questions about its application to the unique nature of our industry and operations. Engage with leaders from the US Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division, the government body enforcing the SCA, as we aim to deliver direct and specific answers to your burning questions.

Transition to the Global Household Goods Contract Program Update

​​​​​​The Global Household Goods Contract Program is one of the biggest shifts that the industry has experienced in years. As the industry prepares for these changes, we will bring together key stakeholders in the transition to give members an exclusive update and opportunity to directly ask crucial questions.

ATA and MSC Advocacy Priorities – Moving Your Voice on Capitol Hill

All year long ATA and MSC work to amplify your voice on Capitol Hill and across Washington, advocating for industry priorities that are driven by your business across consumer, corporate, and military/government moves. We also influence other key issues, including safety, workforce, and environmental policies. Join us for this fireside chat with the ATA-MSC Officers, ATA-MSC Executive Director Ryan Bowley, and others to hear about our 2023 accomplishments and what our advocacy goals are for 2024. You won’t want to miss it!