Darrell Ruban
Associate Administrator for Safety, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Darrell Ruban, FMCSA Associate Administrator for Safety, has enjoyed the privilege of guiding teams in both the private and public sectors. His endeavors have yielded achievements in overseeing multiple Programs and Divisions within intricate organizations, fostering enhanced efficiency and effectiveness across key agency units. With extensive executive leadership roles such as Acting Associate Administrator, Director, Regional Field Administrator, Field Administrator, and Program Chief at HQ, Darrell's tenure exemplifies the essential traits for leading, planning, communicating, and directing agency programs and personnel. His notable success underscores ongoing objectives to mitigate crashes and save lives by fortifying stakeholder relationships, fostering collaboration with FMCSA and partner organizations, and championing accountability, morale, and uniform processes. Darrell remains steadfast in his commitment to elevating government services through innovation, inclusion, and accountability.